You should never have to worry about your child when you leave them in the care of a trusted professional. However, we have all heard about cases of children getting hurt because of poor supervision or negligence on the part of a care provider. If that happens to your child, you need to know where to turn.

At Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers, we are ready to help when you need an Akron childcare provider negligence lawyer. Our dedicated team knows that no child should ever experience neglect or carelessness from their childcare providers. Let us work to secure the compensation you deserve.

What You Need To Know

In Ohio, you have government resources that are available to you so you can ensure that a daycare you choose to place your child in has a high-quality staff and that the facility meets the needs of your child. It is important to know that, though the state has strict regulations in place to keep children safe in these facilities, there are times when some providers slip through the cracks.

There are many ways in which your child can experience problems at a childcare provider facility. This can include:

  • Physical abuse at the hands of childcare providers or older children
  • Verbal abuse by childcare providers
  • Neglect of a child’s basic needs like food, water, clothing, and hygiene
  • Children who are not properly supervised

Parents and guardians need to be vigilant about looking out for signs of neglect or abuse. We know that you want to trust those who are caring for your children, but these cases do happen. Always be on the lookout for the following:

  • Changes in a child’s appetite, behavior, or mood
  • Cleanliness of a child when they get home from daycare
  • A child who is always thirsty or hungry when they get home from daycare
  • Any unexplained scrapes or bruises on a child’s body
  • Bedwetting that was not present before

If a daycare seems hesitant or even discourages parent or guardian drop-ins, this is a sign something is not right. If you suspect your child is being abused or neglected at a childcare provider facility, please report the incident to the appropriate state regulatory agency or to law enforcement.

How We Can Help You Now

We know that you care deeply for your children and would never do anything to put them in harm’s way. However, if someone you have trusted to care for your child is negligent in their duties and your child is injured, you need to know where to turn. At Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers, we are going to step in and help you get through this. Our dedicated team will investigate what happened and move to secure compensation for the following:

  • Coverage of any medical expenses for your child
  • Compensation for any counseling needed
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Punitive damages against the people or agency responsible

If you need an Akron childcare provider negligence attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 888-710-0040.

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