Plunking down your hard-earned money for a Cincy rental should be enough to ensure a safe place to live. But that’s not always the case. Landlords and property managers are not always the fastest and most reliable when it comes to making needed repairs on units in their care, and when they fail to maintain and keep the properties, unsafe conditions can arise and slip-and-fall injuries can occur. If you have been injured due to a fall in your rental unit or on the premises, you need to reach out to a Cincinnati landlord liability for slip and fall attorney to preserve your right to hold the responsible party accountable.

Ohio Premises Liability Law

Under Ohio premises liability law, you have a right to recover damages whenever the negligent action or inaction of your landlord or property manager results in slip-and-fall injuries, which range from serious fractures to head trauma and spine injuries, among others. Damages may include medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering, and other types of damages and compensation.

Proving landlord liability in a slip-and-fall claim in Ohio can be tricky. There are four elements that must be proven. These include:

  • Care of duty: This simply means that the landlord had a duty of care to keep the premises in a safe condition for you.
  • Breach of care of duty: Once it is established that the landlord was duty-bound to keep the premises safe, you must show that he breached this duty. For instance, he failed to fix a frayed carpet and it caused you to slip and fall as a result.
  • The breach of duty of care caused your injury: Causation is also an element that must be shown in a landlord slip-and-fall liability claim. The landlord’s failure to fix your frayed carpet is the reason that you became injured, for example. If you tripped over your cat in the same spot, then blame shifts from the landlord to you.
  • Damages resulted: And finally, you don’t have a case unless you have an injury that results from the breach of duty of care. If you fell but didn’t need medical treatment and didn’t need to miss work as a result, then you don’t have any damages to show and can’t collect an award for damages that don’t exist.

Time Is Of the Essence in Your Slip-and-Fall Claim

In Ohio, personal injury claimants are limited in the amount of time that they have to seek justice and compensation for their injuries. You have just two years from the date of your injury or the discovery of your injury to file a claim seeking damages. Miss that deadline, and chances are good that you will lose your chance to recoup your losses as an injured party. Reach out to a seasoned Cincinnati landlord liability for slip and fall attorney and the team at Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers for assistance with your claim. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 888-710-0040.

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