Feb 17th, 2021
Paulozzi Joseph

I’m not sure if there is a sight more frightening than being blinded by headlights on a long stretch of freeway.  We’ve all had those nights, listening to music on a peaceful drive home late at night. Then, a pair of headlights jar us out of our happy moment, and we’re left squinting through the bright beams, trying to figure out if we should go left, right, brake, crash. The reaction is too late, and two cars have careened into each other, head-on.

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I-90 Head-On Collision

A horrific scene left four with serious injuries. According to WKYC, a woman was driving the wrong way on I-90 late Saturday night. She crashed head-on into another car, leaving all four women injured. While paramedics responded in six minutes, two women were trapped inside their vehicle. One woman, a 30-year-old, is in critical condition at University Hospital. A 37-year-old woman is in serious condition. The driver and the other woman are stable. Police are currently investigating the 31-year-old driver. While a video has been posted, the investigation is ongoing.

According to the US Department of Transportation:

  • 350 people die every year because of wrong-way driving
  • Injuries sustained due to a wrong-way driver tend to be more severe

So, why are people driving on the wrong side? Is it always drivers under the influence?

Wrong-Way Driving Patterns

Wrong-way driving tends to be blamed on alcohol. However, darkly lit freeways, old signage, and other factors could be at play. According to ScienceDirect, an international journal of transportation and science and technology, their study revealed many patterns using specific algorithms to measure different interactions and factors. Here are their findings:

  • Wrong-way driving collisions mostly happen in business areas
  • Most occur on signaling intersections
  • The majority of wrong-way crashes happened due to turn related operations
  • Two-way roadways with no physical separation have the highest number of collisions.
  • Well-lit intersections and freeway stretches have the lowest amount wrong-way driving crashes.
  • Pavement markings have little effect on wrong-way crashes, encouraging additional safety measures for the road.
  • Impaired driving is a critical factor, but not the only factor. Numerous improvements can be made to roadways to help drivers.
  • Higher speed-limits directly affect drivers’ countermeasures. Additional signage and traffic control devices at locations with higher speed limits could be a promising way to limit the number of wrong-way driving.

While agencies nation-wide try to improve road safety and prevent wrong-way driving, accidents will continue to occur. If you have been involved in a car accident, please, call Paulozzi LPA today.

Paulozzi LPA

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