When a pedestrian has the right of way, they should never have to worry about being struck and injured due to another driver’s careless or negligent actions. Unfortunately, these incidents happen all the time in and around Youngstown. If you or a loved one are injured in a pedestrian accident, the team at Paulozzi LPA is ready to get to work investigating your accident so you can secure the compensation you deserve. What are pedestrian accident attorneys get to work on your case today?

Where are pedestrians the most vulnerable to accidents?

People are around moving cars on a regular basis in and around Youngstown. Any time a person is around traffic, they face a heightened risk of being injured. The most dangerous areas for pedestrians are parking lots, sidewalks, crosswalks, and intersections.

During the latest reporting year in Ohio, state authorities tell us that there were more than 300,000 total vehicle crashes that caused 1,179 fatalities and over 75,000 injury-causing incidents. When we look closer at the pedestrian crashes that year, we can see that there were 2,641 total pedestrian injuries and 145 pedestrian fatalities. Nearly every reported pedestrian accident resulted in some sort of injury.

What are the most common pedestrian accident injuries?

Consider that the average passenger vehicle weighs around 4,000 pounds. The human body has no protection against the force of a vehicle. Even low-speed crashes can lead to severe pedestrian injuries. It is not uncommon for our Youngstown pedestrian accident lawyers to help clients suffering from the following:

  • Spinal cord trauma with paralysis
  • Open head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Severe lacerations or road rash

These injuries all require a victim to undergo medical treatment. Some of them may require surgery and extensive rehabilitation times.

How do these incidents happen?

Many pedestrian accidents are caused by careless or negligent drivers. It is not uncommon for a driver to strike a pedestrian after:

  • Running a stop sign or stoplight
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Turning improperly
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Losing control of their vehicle
  • Improperly changing lanes
  • Improperly backing up

Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs, as well as those distracted by their phones, pose much higher risks to pedestrians in and around the roadway.

Let us get to work on your case today

If you are someone you care about has been injured in a pedestrian accident that was caused by someone else’s reckless or careless behavior, contact a skilled attorney today. At Paulozzi LPA, you can count on our team to investigate every aspect of the incident. Our goal is to secure the compensation you deserve, including:

  • All of your medical expenses related to the pedestrian incident
  • Lost income if you cannot work well you recover
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Possible punitive damages against the negligent party

If you need a Youngstown pedestrian accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 888-710-0040.

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