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WE NEGOTIATE CAR REPAIRS FOR OUR CLIENTS. Fastidious client attention, service and support has resulted in unparalleled client satisfaction. Aggressive and prepared legal representation has resulted in maximum settlements. Personal Injury Law is our firm’s specialty, and that is how we handle our cases. For over 25 years, Paulozzi LPA has been 100% dedicated to the rights of the injured in Ohio.  We protect victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, nursing home neglect, dog attacks, and other accidents.  From the moment you call and retain us, we will actively represent your interests, safeguard your rights, and start building a strong case on your behalf. 


Initiating a Personal Injury Insurance Claim
Attorney Joe Paulozzi


We Hold Insurance Companies Responsible

Medical treatment is expensive. Your past, present and future medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering and damage to your auto need to be compensated fully and in a timely manner.  We deal with the insurance company while you get appropriate medical care and tend to your daily responsibilities.


Clients Carl and Kenyatta, Akron, Ohio


Millions of Dollars Recovered

Our firm’s legal expertise coupled with unyielding persistence has resulted in thousands of successful verdicts & settlements.  We utilize the very best investigators, liability experts, and medical doctors build solid, well documented cases for maximum injury compensation.

RECENT POLICY LIMIT CASES:  $200 Thousand for Truck Accident / $1.25 Million for Traumatic Brain Injury from Auto Accident  / $1 Million for Wrongful Death from Nursing Home Abuse / $750 Thousand for Dog Bite / $1.5 Million for Back Injury from Bicycle Accident