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Train Accidents often cause catastrophic damages and injuries. Trains can weigh thousands of tons depending on their size and load and are unable to stop quickly in an emergency. There were over 10,700 train accidents in the U.S in 2012 of which 712 fatalities occurred. When a railroad or train accident occur, there are many factors that determine if the railroad company was at fault and negligent.

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If you have been in a train accident and suffered injuries or fatality of a loved one, you need legal representation from a train accident attorney with years of experience in the locomotive field who is familiar with the Federal Railroad Administration Regulations (FRA).  We have the knowledge and experience to negotiate fair compensation for you or your loved one, and won’t hesitate to take the case to trial if the insurance company denies fair settlement.

The Primary Causes of Train Accidents are Human Errors and Track Defects

Human errors accounted for 37.83% of all train accidents in 2012. Negligence of pedestrians/drivers and train operators such as distractions, road rage, inexperience, sleepiness, poor work habits, and overconfidence lead to unsafe conditions. Many of these accidents were caused by trespassers on the railroad property and rights of way. Cars that were stalled or left intentionally on the tracks caused a large percentage of incidents also. We specialize in building a strong case based on these factors.

Track Defects & Flaws caused 33.29% of all train accidents in 2012. Many times inadequate maintenance on the rail system leaves damaged tracks that can cause derailing of the railcar or other serious accidents. Injuries that are caused as a result of this negligence deserved to be fully and fairly compensated.

What to do After a train accident:

  • Keep Evidence: If your car was struck by a railcar, keep it in a garage or away from the elements where evidence won’t deteriorate.
  • Contact a lawyer before speaking in depth with anyone.
  • Don’t take a settlement from an insurance company without contacting an attorney first. An insurance company’s goal is to give you the smallest claim amount possible. You are likely entitled to much more.

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Our free consultation gives you an opportunity to tell us briefly about the train accident and have a lawyer discuss your options. We can let you know how strong of a case you have, and if you maybe entitled to compensation. It’s important that you contact a train accident attorney as soon as possible to prevent evidence being lost, witnesses disappearing, and deadlines for filing lawsuits expiring. Contact us today for a free consultation.