Joe and his team did a fabulous job winning our slip and fall case. I highly recommend this firm for any injury case you have. Others turned us down because slip and fall cases are difficult and rarely won. A big Thank You to Joe and his team!!

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What should I do after I fall at a business?

If you slip/trip and fall at a business, the first thing you should do is notify an employee. Once they are present, ask them to call EMS for your injuries (if necessary). After you are treated, tell the employee you would like to fill out an incident report. In the report, describe exactly what happened and describe the conditions that contributed to your fall. Be sure to take photos and document any relevant evidence, as well as ask witnesses for their name, phone number, and address.

What causes slip and fall accidents?

There are many different conditions that contribute to slip/trip and fall accidents. Some of the most prominent include: spills and wet floors, lifted or raised flooring, unnatural accumulation of snow/ice, inadequate lighting in an area, cords or wires on the floor, loose and old carpeting, defects in the pavement in parking lots or sidewalks, and poorly-constructed staircases. Although these are some of the most common causes of slip/trip and falls, there are numerous other conditions that can contribute to this type of accident. If you or someone you love has slipped/tripped and fallen, contact an experienced personal injury attorney for a free consultation.

I slipped and fell at a business. Who is responsible?

If you slipped/tripped and fell on a business’s property and it was not your fault, they could be held responsible. Depending on the situation, the party leasing space, a maintenance company, or even a customer/visitor could be liable. Proving whether or not it is the business owner’s fault that you feel depends on whether or not they acted carefully to prevent the condition that caused you to fall. You must be able to prove that a “dangerous condition” presented an unreasonable risk that any individual would not have expected under the circumstances.

What duties do property owners have with ice and snow removal?

For a good portion of the year in Ohio, we deal with below-freezing temperatures, resulting in ice and snow. Often, ice and snow can cause people to fall and get injured, if it is not properly removed or we are not careful. A property owner has no responsibility to remove ice or snow if it has accumulated naturally. However, once a property owner takes steps to remove snow or ice from any area, they assume the responsibility to do so without negligence. If you slip and fall on an unnatural accumulation of snow or ice, then the property owner is held responsible. Sometimes it can be difficult to prove unnatural accumulation of snow and ice, but with a thorough investigation, an experienced personal injury attorney can determine the circumstances.

I fell at a friend or relative’s house. Are they responsible?

Although it may be difficult to file a claim against a friend or relative, it is important for you to do what is in the best interest of your health. After all, you are filing a claim against their insurance company, and not them personally. Homeowners are responsible for falls on their residential property if they were negligent and provided an unreasonably unsafe condition. They cannot be held responsible, though, if it was the individual’s own negligence that caused them to fall.

What is the 2-inch rule?

When walking through doorways, occasionally you notice a lifted strip at the threshold. These elevated strips can sometimes cause people to fall. In Ohio, we follow a 2-inch rule, which dictates that a height of over 2 inches on this elevated strip is considered hazardous. Although this is the law, an elevated strip of fewer than 2 inches can still be considered hazardous, depending on the “attendant circumstances”. It is important for you to contact a personal injury attorney to investigate your situation.

Are slip and fall cases difficult to win?

Yes. Slip and fall cases can be difficult to win. Many law firms choose to pass on taking slip and fall cases because they can be time-consuming and are not easy cases to settle or resolve. Thankfully, at Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers we have one of the preeminent slip and fall attorneys in all of Ohio, Todd Rosenberg. Todd has extensive experience and knowledge of slip and fall cases. We commonly receive referrals from other law firms who do not want a case because it seems too difficult or they will not be able to win. Todd often takes these cases and obtains fair compensation for our clients both in settlements and trials.

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