Accidents involving large commercial trucks often result in catastrophic injuries for victims, particularly those inside traditional passenger vehicles. It is important that victims in these cases are able to secure compensation if the careless or negligent actions of truck drivers or trucking companies caused the accident. At Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers, our Cleveland truck accident lawyers are experienced in all of the most common types of truck accidents.

The most common types of large truck accidents


Jackknifing occurs when a big rig folds into itself, essentially forming a 90-degree angle with the trailer. This can occur when a driver brakes the truck too hard or quickly.

Truck Rollovers

If a truck driver loses control of their vehicle, the truck can slide and roll over onto its side. This can result in the vehicle rolling onto or sliding into passenger vehicles.

Tire Blowouts

A tire blowout can cause a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle, leading to a serious accident. Even if a driver does not lose control, these heavy tires can cause accidents if a vehicle strikes them.

Wide Turns

When large trucks need to make a turn, they usually have to make a wide turn to do so. This is particularly true for right-hand turns when trucks need to swing left before making the right-hand turn. When drivers do this, they could swing into other lanes and vehicles.

Blind Spots

Large commercial trucks have large blind spots on every side of the vehicle, and if a truck driver fails to check their blind spot before making a lane change or turn, they could cause a serious accident.


Due to the weight of a large commercial truck, rear-end truck accidents can result in serious injuries and property damage.


This type of accident occurs when a passenger vehicle rides under the rear or the side of a truck. This can result in the top of the vehicle being sheared off.


These accidents are similar to underride crashes, though this occurs when a truck runs into and over the top of a vehicle. This can result in shearing off of the top of a vehicle.

Loose Cargo

All cargo needs to be secured on an open-air trailer to prevent it from coming off on the roadway. Cargo that falls off of the back of a truck can cause major accidents and regularly involve multiple vehicles.


T-bone accidents are likely to occur at intersections when a truck driver or passenger vehicle driver fails to follow traffic laws, particularly when a traffic signal is ignored. These incidents can result in severe injuries due to there being less protection provided by the sides of the vehicle.

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