water on the floor

In many businesses, there is a foyer area between the interior and exterior doors. When there is precipitation outside, it is common for rainwater or snow to be tracked into this area. If you or a loved one slip and fall in this area, you may be eligible to make a claim of compensation. These cases are tough, but certain principles apply.

Here are some questions to ask when deciding if you are eligible to make a claim:

  • Was there a rug in the area?
  • Was the rug placed in a position to cover the traveled area?
  • Was the rug wet?
  • What was the color of the floor/tile? Did the color hide the water?
  • Was the tracked in water/ice/snow clear, or did it have some color?
  • Were there any distractions such as windows or bright sunlight?
  • Was the person who slipped and fell carrying something large?
  • Was there a lot of foot traffic in the area at the time?

We have been successful in recovering in many of these cases on behalf of our clients. Contact us now.

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