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Motorcycle Accidents – Bike and Injury Claims

Paulozzi LPA is a top rated personal injury firm that has represented motorcycle riders for over 25 years. We understand the dynamics of motorcycle crashes and the bias that sometimes surrounds riders. Police reports and public opinion at times go against bikers unfairly. We will not let a possible negative opinion prevent you from being compensated fully and fairly for your bike damage and injuries, or receiving a fair trail.

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Our firm will build a strong case drawing upon our years of experience and utilizing our significant resources to ensure that you are effectively and assertively represented. We will work to secure full compensation for all of your injury related damages and get your motorcycle repaired or replaced as soon as possible. As soon as you contact us, we will immediately meet with you to discuss what happened, explain your rights as they relate to the claim process, and begin gathering physical evidence before it is lost or compromised.

The Insurance Company will try to Minimize Your Claim

Do not trust an insurance company to properly and ethically assess your motorcycle accident damages and compensate you fairly. A claim adjuster’s goal is always to deny or minimize your claim and pay you the smallest amount of compensation possible. Insurance adjusters often try to meet with claimants right after an accident and encourage them to sign a binding release in exchange for a minimal settlement offer.  Often times people do accept these minimal sums because they are basically still in shock and confused, and are mainly initially concerned about getting their bike repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Other times, adjusters will try to delay the process of the claim for weeks or even months, and then make a very low settlement offer when you are so frustrated and discouraged that you just basically give up and accept it. Even if you are partially at fault for the accident, you may still be entitled to a significant settlement.  Do not fall for these tactics. We apply our knowledge of the law and draw upon our years of experience to force the insurance company to fully and fairly compensate you for all of your damages in a reasonable amount of time.

You Also Need to be Compensated for Future Damages

We always consider the long term effects that your injuries will have on your life in the future before recommending that you accept an accident settlement. While an insurance company may pay for the physical damage to your bike and your initial  hospital bill, they often will not want to compensate you for your future medical treatment and disability which can be significant.

Motorcycle accidents often involve serious injuries that require extensive rehabilitation and possibly even years of treatment. Costs such as future medical care and medication and lost wages from being unable to work can amount to thousands of dollars over time. We will consider all aspects of your unique situation to determine if any settlement offered fairly compensates you for your present and future damages. We will not hesitate to take your case to trial if the compensation offered by the insurance company falls short of what is fair and reasonable.