1. In general, at the onset of an injury claim, we will investigate the facts of what happened, interview witnesses, and take pictures that are relevant and necessary to your claim. We obtain all relevant information including police, EMS, and fire department reports, videos, and incident reports. If necessary, we will hire an accident reconstructionist or other liability expert to write a report documenting what happened and who was at fault. During this time, you will be treated by your doctors, making sure to keep documentation of all of your office appointments. We will also need you to keep us informed of your injury and treatment status. This will be your responsibility. Email is best, and usually produces a very quick response if you have any questions. If you need a medical referral, we will direct you to the best providers to give you the utmost care.
  2. After you are done treating, we will obtain all of your medical records and bills from your medical providers. Your claim will not be able to proceed until you are completely done treating and we have obtained all of this medical documentation. While we make every effort to expedite the process of obtaining these records, please be aware that some medical providers, including the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, Akron General, Ohio Health, and University of Toledo Medical Center and doctors affiliated with these providers can take up to 3 months to respond to our requests for records.
  3. After we have obtained all of your medical records, we will compile and organize all relevant documentation and records in preparation for the drafting of the demand package. We will be in contact with you during this process to ensure we have obtained all of the information we need to present a clear and compelling picture as to how your injuries have adversely affected your life. If we need additional information or reports from your medical doctors to supplement your claim, we will obtain them at that time. We will make every possible effort to fully document your injuries, so that we present a strong and persuasive demand for compensation to the insurance company.
  4. We will then draft your demand for compensation to the insurance company with due consideration paid to the fact that they will attempt to negotiate us down from our initial position. We will be in contact with you directly at this time to discuss your case in detail and ask your input as to our evaluation of your case. The demand package is then finalized and submitted to the insurance company. Once the insurance company contacts us, usually within 4 to 6 weeks, negotiations commence. In the final analysis, if the insurance company is fair with us regarding your case, we will be fair with them and your injury claim will be resolved as quickly as possible. You will always be apprised as to the progress of the negotiations and advised as to what you can expect in NET compensation after the legal, medical, and expenses are paid, BEFORE any settlement is accepted.
  5. This is the claim process from start to finish. If at some point we need to consider litigating your case, we will sit down and discuss that together in great detail. We look forward to representing you. If you have any questions at any step along the way, please let us know how we can best help you. Again, thank you for choosing Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers to represent you with regard to your personal injury claim.
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