Cases can become complicated when someone slips and falls on the property they are renting. In order to prove that your landlord was responsible for your fall, you have to prove that they were negligent and should have reasonably known that there was an unsafe condition on the premises. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Slip & Falls Inside Your Rental Apartment or House

Situation: There is a leak in the ceiling and it is dripping water onto the kitchen floor. You slip and fall because the floor is slippery.

If you just noticed the leak and did not notify your landlord of the problem, then it will be very difficult to prove your landlord is responsible for your fall. The landlord was unaware of the unsafe condition and had no opportunity to remedy the situation.

If you noticed the leak a while ago, notified your landlord of the unsafe condition, and they failed to correct the situation, then you can hold them responsible for your fall.

These cases are very difficult because a jury may argue that you should have been more careful.

Slip & Falls In The Common Areas Of Your Rental Property

Situation: You slip and fall on an icy sidewalk outside of your apartment.

If your lease states that you are responsible for shoveling snow, then the landlord will not be held responsible. However, if your lease states that the landlord is responsible for snow removal, they are liable.

Proving liability against your landlord often comes down to what is written in your lease and if you have evidence to prove that the landlord was negligent. As in any slip and fall casecontact an experienced attorney to review your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

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