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Traumatic Brain Head Injuries and Concussions

Traumatic brain head injuries and concussions are among the most serious of all accident trauma. Victims of brain injury may fall into a coma or vegetative state. Their altered levels of consciousness may be permanent or fatal. Other brain injuries may be subtle and have delayed symptoms. The senses may be effected with decreased sight, smell, taste, and touch. Memory loss and inability to concentrate may occur. These symptoms may not surface until weeks or months after the injury took place. This could be due to bleeding in the brain or scarring that has formed. Family members may notice change in personality or behavior though not make the immediate connection between the head injury and symptoms. This damage could be life threatening. For these reasons, brain injury cases can be among the most difficult to prove. We have the experience and expert as well financial resources to prove your case and hold the negligent parties responsible. We know medical law and have handled a significant number of brain injury cases with large settlement amounts. Our job is to obtain for you the financial compensation and justice you deserve.

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