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Dog bite attorney CLEVELAND

Paulozzi LPA Injury Lawyers is a top-rated personal injury firm that has represented dog bite victims for over 25 years. Costly medical bills, emotional stress, and scarring are a common result of animal attacks. It is estimated that over 800,000 dog bites are treated each year in the United States, and the insurance industry pays in excess of one billion dollars in claims each year. However, the sad truth is that insurance companies are still denying valid claims and egregiously under compensating victims.

At times, insurance companies refuse to cover all of the expenses related to animal attack injuries. Victims are often left with high medical bills, including the costs of future treatment for nerve damage, rehabilitation, plastic surgery, pain & suffering, and counseling. You should be compensated for all of your damages related to the attack, so that you are not financially burdened for years to come because of someone else’s violent animal.

All Dog Breeds Can Be Violent

Pitbulls & Rottweilers have a reputation for being violent and short tempered. These two breeds alone account for up to 50% of dog bites in the United States. Many researchers feel this is partly due to the way these dogs are raised by their owners. However, all breeds of dogs are capable of being violent. We have handled cases concerning a variety of breeds of all sizes that have bitten and injured people. Owners of dogs who mistreat or leave their pets chained up for days or weeks need to be held responsible. The environment in which a dog is raised strongly dictates their behavior and our law firm looks at all relevant aspects of your dog bite case.

Negligent Dog Owners Need to be Held Responsible

Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their pets from harming others. Many times, dog owners neglect this responsibility, which results in people being bitten – sometimes seriously. It is necessary to prove exactly how the dog owner was negligent when making an insurance claim for your injuries:

  • Did the dog owner leave the gate open to allow the dog to roam the streets?
  • Did the dog exhibit aggressive behavior in the past that was ignored by the pet owner?
  • Did the dog owner violate a leash law?

It is imperative to be aware of all of the local legal regulations and have the resources necessary to prove your case.

Do not settle a claim with an insurance company for less than you are entitled to merely because a claims adjuster ensures that you are being fairly compensated. Contact Paulozzi LPA Injury Attorneys to explore all of your rights and options. Your decision to take action could prevent someone else from being bitten in the future.

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