Nursing Home Neglect

Symptoms of nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms. Physical signs such as bedsores, falls and broken bones, malnutrition or dehydration, burns from hot liquids, poor hygiene, bruises, and medication errors all may be indicative of PHYSICAL ABUSE or neglect. Crying or withdrawn behavior, irritation, fear of being alone, personality change, and anxiety all are warning signs of EMOTIONAL ABUSE.

Finally, all too often the elderly are victims of FINANCIAL ABUSE, as caregivers sometimes take advantage of and steal from the elderly.

Listen to Your Loved One

If your loved one is frequently complaining about their care, listen to them. Take note if there is anger or frustration between them and their caregiver, or if they begin wandering away from the facility. Your loved one may be embarrassed to complain or even fear retaliation, while you and your family may be unaware it is happening.

Your Trust was Broken

When our loved ones become a resident of a facility, we trust they will be properly cared for and treated with respect. If a nursing home neglects our loved one, that trust is broken and the responsible party needs to be held accountable. If you or a family member suffered from nursing home neglect and abuse, you should become informed as to all of your rights and options available under Ohio law. Call us today and talk to an experienced Cleveland nursing home neglect attorney as soon as possible.

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