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Amputation and loss-of-limb injuries have life-altering consequences for the victim and their family. Losing a body extremity can result from any serious accident, but most commonly a motor vehicle crash or medical malpractice. Often, such accidents and resulting amputations are caused by a person’s negligent behavior, in which case an injury claim can be filed to retrieve compensation.

In some amputation cases, the body part is lost in the accident itself. In other cases, it is removed by the hospital to avoid an infection or diseases from spreading throughout the rest of the body or to save a victim from bleeding to death. Just about any type of amputation has very grave consequences for the victim. Amputations generally require serious medical treatment and often extensive after-care. Multiple surgeries may be necessary, prosthetics, and weeks, months, or even years of physical therapy. Amputation victims may lose their employment after their accident and suffer a significant loss in income that affects them and their families.

After their accident, many victims also suffer from emotional trauma, which they may struggle with for the rest of their lives. An amputation is something that is very difficult to deal with mentally and emotionally, which is why therapy may be needed to help the victim cope. Modifications may be necessary to the victim’s house and car to allow them to retain their independence. The consequences of an amputation can also be difficult for family and friends of the victim, putting a strain on their relationships. Overall, the quality of life of the amputee will likely never be the same. If a negligent person caused your amputation accident, you deserve to be compensated for any and all of the resulting damages.

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