Plastic Surgery

Dog Bite injuries are some of the most challenging injuries for plastic surgeons to correct. Often times, when an individual is a bit, they pull away while the dog is latched on causing the skin to tear or rip. These injuries require a highly-skilled surgeon to reconstruct the skin and preserve the tissue.

Dog Bites run a higher risk of infection than other wounds due to the fact that a dog’s mouth contains a mixed contamination of bacteria. Dog Bites often result in permanent scarring because dogs tend to shake their heads around during an attack.

With advanced medical procedures today, there is hope for healing and improved appearance of the skin. Depending on the location and severity of the bite, multiple treatments may be necessary over the course of many years for a full recovery.

Here are some of the commonly performed treatments for dog bite injuries:

  • Primary Reconstruction
  • Secondary Reconstruction
  • Laser Treatments (to reduce redness of scars and smooth out appearance)
  • Skin Grafting (transfer of skin from one area to another)

The cost of plastic surgery required for a dog bite injury can vary depending on the severity. Typically, treatment is covered by either medical insurance or by the homeowner’s insurance policy.

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