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Information To Obtain After You Are Injured

It is important that you seek immediate medical attention if you are injured. Once all emergency personnel have responded and your injuries are attended to, obtain the following information if relevant to your specific circumstances:

  • The name, address, phone number of the owner of the premises, managers, employees, or anyone possibly responsible for your injury.
  • The full names, addresses, and phone numbers of any other involved parties or individuals.
  • The full names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to your accident and injury.
  • Insurance information if available.
  • Take pictures of anything possibly relevant to your accident and injury, including the scene of where it happened.  Later, take pictures of your injuries if visible.

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Observations to Make

In addition, you should also make observations and take notes about the following:

  • At what time were you injured and what was the exact location?
  • What were you doing at the time you were injured?
  • What was the weather at the time you sustained your injury? (if relevant)
  • Was something damaged or broken (ie. stairs, handrail, etc.) which caused your injury?
  • Who do you believe is responsible for your being injured? Why? What evidence is there to prove responsibility?
  • How exactly were you injured?
  • Did you incur any property damage in addition to your injury?
  • Did anyone accept responsibility for your injury or make relevant comments such as, “Those stairs have been dangerous for a while.”
  • Did anyone appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time?
  • Did EMS, the fire department, or even the police respond to the scene? Did they document any relevant details about your accident?
  • Were you injured on private or commercial property?