Mar 6th, 2023
Paulozzi Joseph

Paulozzi LPA has been a proud member of the Cleveland community for decades. Over the course of the past few years, there has been major investments into the city including new development projects, restaurants and bars, nightlife, community building, professional sports and much more. 

Of all the exciting things happening in Cleveland, visiting its popular neighborhoods are among the best ways to spend your time. Ohio City is an area just west of downtown that has been flourishing over the past 10 years. From great restaurants, cool local shops, coffee shops, breweries or beautiful architecture, Ohio City has attractions for everyone. Checkout our list of the best things to do in Ohio City this year.

Historical Ohio City

The near west side neighborhood of Ohio city is just a few minutes drive from downtown Cleveland. Passing over the Hope Memorial Bridge, you’ll see the 40+ feet tall art deco sandstone sculptures dubbed “The Guardians of Traffic” acting as safekeepers of the city. 

Between the beautiful, historical homes and buildings, the rich history, countless delicious restaurants, cafes, and bars, there’s no shortage of things to do and explore in Cleveland’s hottest neighborhood. 

Fun Things To Do In Ohio City

Home to around 10,000 people, residents include young professionals, blue collar workers, ethnic families, and other groups with a variety of backgrounds, Ohio City is a diverse neighborhood rich with history, excitement, and influences. This blending of groups is just one aspect to a city with so much happening.

1. West Side Market

Ohio City’s population ballooned in the late 1800s after officially becoming an independent city in 1836. Upon the rapid increase in population, the area realized the need for a community market and began construction of the famous West Side Market in the early 1900s. 

A classic, European-style market with indoor/outdoor sections of produce, meat, and prepared food stands, the market has everything you need to prepare for a home cooked meal, hosting a gathering, or finding lunch with friends. Still one of Ohio City’s most visited landmarks, the West Side Market still operates to this day.

2. Brewery Hop

Ohio City is the epicenter of local brewing in the city. With the flagship craft brewery, Great Lakes Brewery right across the street from the West Side Market, you won’t have to go far after your first stop to find a delicious craft brew. Great Lakes has become famous around the country as the brewery opened its doors in 1986 by a pair of local brothers who pioneered the craft beer movement. Since then, the craft beer boom spread across the country and down the street as other local entrepreneurs opened up shop along W. 25th street and around Ohio City. Local favorites like Market Garden Brewery and Nano Brew are just a hop away, conveniently located for an afternoon of fun filled beer tasting.

3. Local Shops

Cleveland is home to hundreds of different local entrepreneurs, makers, craftsmen, and store owners. There’s no shortage of fun shops to stop at to explore some of Cleveland’s creative workmanship. Stop at Fresh Brewed Tees to explore a collection of fun, local tees. Antique shops like All Things for You offer a fun, curated shop with vintage treasures from across decades. Fill your pantry with high quality meats from Ohio City Provisions and sweets from Campbell’s Sweets Factory.

4. Sip Coffee at a Cafe

Get your caffeine fix at one of a number neighborhood coffee shops. As you move deeper into the heart of Ohio City, you’ll pass Phoenix Coffee on Bridge Ave. Stop in for fresh coffee roasted right here in Cleveland. 

5. Visit Hingetown

A small gem on the northern side of Ohio City, Hingetown offers a fun assortment of shops, art spaces, restaurants, cafes, and bars in a hot intersection near Detroit Ave. Between The Bop Stop music venue, popular Saucy Brew Works, delicious coffee shop Rising Star, and the funky Jukebox bar, you’re in for a fun afternoon swinging by this energizing neighborhood. 

6. Astoria Cafe & Market

After you’re done in Hingetown, you can continue down Detroit Ave to one of the best restaurants in Cleveland, Astoria Cafe & Market. This Greek specialty market includes a big variety of pantry goods, beer and wine, cheese and cured meats that will keep your stomach happy. The restaurant offers delicious, Mediterranean inspired dishes for brunch or dinner. Whether you want a charcuterie snack and a cocktail or want a full 3 course meal, Astoria is a stop you won’t want to miss while you’re in town. 

7. Explore Historical Architecture

Stroll Down Bridge Ave and Franklin Blvd for a glimpse into what the historical neighborhood was like over 100 years ago. The neighborhood has done an amazing job of keeping much of the history intact with many homes with original exterior styles still in place. Bridge and Franklin are filled with these beautiful homes on canopy lined roads. You’ll love exploring this historically rich part of town as you stroll.

8. Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle is an enormous High Victorian Eclectic style home built in the 1880s. As one of the buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, The Castle includes over 20 rooms, a ballroom, 80 windows, and is rumored to be haunted. You can even book an overnight stay in the historic castle if you’re so inclined.

9. Mason’s Creamery

Two Los Angeles residents decided to return home to open up their dream ice cream shop. Mason’s Creamery is an Ohio City staple offering delicious, homemade ice cream in the heart of the neighborhood at 44th and Bridge. There’s something for everyone with some of the best vegan ice cream you’ll find. 

10. Pins Mechanical

Round out your day with some fun at Pins Mechanical. This bar boasts 40+ pinball machines, arcade games, oversized Jenga, and duckpin bowling. It’s a space fit for a fun loving group. Pins is a great stop as you travel down W. 25th on your adventure filled day.

11. Ohio City Farm

Ohio City Farm occupies over six acres and makes up one of the biggest urban farms in the United States. It has been a pivotal player in the urban farming movement, and has inspired the farm to table concept across the country. It provides fresh, local food to Cleveland’s residents, and helps the local food scene provide local ingredients. The farm allows visitors from June to November and offers a nice view of the city as well. 

As you can see, there’s no shortage of things to do when you’re visiting Ohio City. As proud members of the Cleveland, OH community, Paulozzi LPA is proud to support one of our city’s great neighborhoods. 

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