Jun 23rd, 2021
Paulozzi Joseph

In any given year, 37 people die and six are seriously injured each week on Cleveland streets. These tragic statistics are not the results of violent crime stealing news headlines. These serious injuries and deaths came from motor vehicle accidents.

One of the more alarming points from this new data reveals that 33% of all these fatalities and injuries occurred on a mere 7% of the city’s streets in the city’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

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Taskforce Findings

This new data, released last year, was collected by the city’s Vision Zero Task Force. The task force was created by the city council to eliminate traffic fatalities and identify the racial inequities which have plagued transportation planning since the city’s inception.

Compiled by city police and the Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency, the task force created a map to illustrate how fatalities or serious crashes rise on certain stretches of city streets. Researchers analyzed the map to determine the factors that contributed to making some streets more dangerous than others.

The task force found two high-trauma streets, West 25th and East 55th, which are close to the downtown area. Cleveland’s East Side had the most high-trauma stretches running through largely poor or African American neighborhoods.

Kinsman Road, from East 55th Street to the Shaker Heights border, saw the longest stretch of deadly streets along with this four-mile traffic nightmare.

Next Steps

Taskforce members expect the number of serious crashes and fatalities to climb after the streets see more congested traffic as COVID-19 restrictions lift, but the task force is also working to remedy the problem.

A task force-appointed consultant will be taking this data and establishing strategies for creating safer streets. The consultant will work in concert with several agencies, including:

  • Cuyahoga County
  • The Ohio Department of Transportation
  • The Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency
  • Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
  • Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority

To accommodate for a future with dynamic streets, some possible solutions for Cleveland’s dangerous roads include:

  • Higher-visibility crosswalks
  • More four-lane roads with turn lanes for cars, bike lanes, and curb extensions
  • More traffic lights with countdown functions to aid pedestrians
  • More protective side guards for garbage trucks
  • Closing some short streets to traffic altogether

The task force intends to present these plans in time to take advantage of a new federal infrastructure bill.

When Should I Contact A Lawyer?

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